Warehouse inspections

Control Union offers expert assessment of warehouse, silos, tanks and premises that are used by customers for storage of cargo.

The independent inspection carried out by the specialist team at Control Union can make you aware of any and all possible risks or threats to goods before they are stored, helping to control and maintain the quality of all your stored cargo.
As expert solution providers, Control Union’s most specialised and skilled inspectors are assigned to perform the warehouse inspections which will consist of analysing and evaluating the condition of the building, its capacities, usage, the vicinities, surroundings and borders, protection and safety.
Inspections of all warehouses and goods are carried out in order to ensure that your cargo, materials and goods will be not only kept safe, but in excellent condition whilst stored, controlling the quality of cargo and offering peace of mind.
The smooth and thorough process follows comprehensive legislative processes with all warehouse and goods inspections meeting all relevant regulatory requirements across each region and the global markets that Control Union work across.

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