Stock monitoring & Measurement

Using innovative systems and procedures, the stock monitor observes and reports on global stock management, providing visibility into the movement, care and condition of commodities – wherever they are in the world.

 Within this service, the stock monitor will alert you immediately about any events or potential risks threatening your goods. In addition, the stock monitor will also report on quantity, condition, risks in the warehouses, and anything else that the customer may request information on. This allows you to take immediate action to safeguard your interests, ensuring that damage or loss is accounted for and identified as quickly as possible, with solutions to the issue or problem, taken promptly. 

Each bespoke monitoring system is a tailor-made agreement with the periodicity as requested by you including warehouse spot checks. 

There are a number of stock monitoring types available that cater to your needs:

  •  Periodic or continuous presence and monitoring
  • Stock checks on quantity and quality of goods stored
  • Stock measurement of the cargo stored in different storage mains
  • Full monitoring of industrial process
  • Full trade monitoring (imports/exports)
  • Tailor-made solutions to satisfy specific needs

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