Crop monitoring

Control Union monitors crops from initial growth and harvesting through to the first storage point – reducing the risk of any potential losses and ensuring your crops are of the highest quality at every stage.

Our specialist team of agronomists are experts in a range of agricultural products and commodities and are able to offer crop monitoring by combining field visits with world leading quantitative and qualitative assessment and agriculture monitoring systems. 

These innovative systems are assessments that are based on a variety of activities that closely monitor the crop developments, collecting data that is relevant to the area. This data is then analysed by our expert team and fed into a final report, allowing them to highlight and evaluate key factors and attributes that can influence crop productivity.

These smart assessments are applied to sugar cane, soybean and cotton plantations, where fields are visited and areas measured. Furthermore, assessment activities include a broad scope of programmes that can be applied to each plantation. Each property is analysed to understand its physical characteristics and topography, verify its historical yields and monitor the various stages of the plantation; from seeding, to growth, to harvesting. 

From these results, Control Union can estimate the harvesting time and crop yield and, in addition, offer control of the transport of the harvested product from the fields to the storage facility or processing plant, for proper traceability. This allows clients to keep track of the product and maintain high quality throughout its life journey.

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