Collateral management

As expert custodians, we offer our customers the opportunity for Control Union to have overall control of their goods throughout their storage period, as we become custodians of your cargo. This provides a safe, effective and efficient way to store goods around the world, as well as facilitating additional credit risk management.

As part of the Collateral Management Services, Control Union assesses local legislation to ensure it is adhered to at every step of the process and it is entitled to take continuous and exclusive possession of your goods. The possession of the commodities grants the bank or purchaser the legal right as owner or pledgee. A storage facility is legally leased to Control Union and fully controlled, allowing you to keep your goods in the storage location with expert care and support.

Control Union's collateral services carefully verify the quantity and quality of your incoming goods during the warehousing process to help you be aware of quality of your cargo. Our experienced and qualified team offer a flexible and innovative approach to collateral management, providing you with the highest standards of quality and integrity, ensuring smooth trades and transactions – across the globe.


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