Smart technology solutions

Control Union has always supported and trusted in technological innovation and regularly uses it in services. 

With the goal to reduce human manipulation or mistakes, simplify volume calculation methods and bring a user-friendly and efficient solution, Control Union offers services related to semi-automated stock estimation, based on capturing data on volume, and processing such information via reports that will reach the client immediately. In addition, Control Union is working in co-operation with a number of renowned universities around the world, to offer the best collateral services.  

With a focus on customers’ needs, quality and risk reduction, Control Union seeks to collate data from a variety of sources including warehousing/inspection reports, temperature monitoring, stock calculations and CCTV cameras.

Control Union's trust in technology is applied in the services we offer to you, with our main goal the complete and most accurate measurement of the volume and weight of your commodity. The combination of technology with the expertise of our international teams ensures:

  • Simple volume calculation methods with a user-friendly solution that reduces or eliminates the chances of human error
  • Information is generated automatically by capturing data, including images, volume, location and date and time
  • The ability to channel this information via encrypted systems
  • Access to a system where clients can check this information online

Contact us to learn more about Control Union projects in Collateral Services.


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