Global presence

One of Control Union's greatest assets is our network of connected offices in more than 70 countries around the globe. With increased knowledge, a firm set of values and sustainable services, we have grown from our initial operations in the Netherlands and spread out throughout world.

From our first base in Europe, services expanded internationally to serve the growing globalisation of the commodities markets.

Control Union is now recognised as a world leader in risk management and logistic solutions, serving clients around the world; using our expertise and specialist knowledge in every continent across the globe. Our two CMS head offices are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

From all our offices, we are able to offer on-the-ground support and insight to assist clients with local challenges as we know the relevant people, products and market. 

Through the local knowledge and experience of their teams, Control Union is uniquely equipped to communicate and mitigate the risks faced by you anywhere in the world.

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