Who we are

Established in 1920 as an inspections company, Control Union has developed to contain a wide range of inspections-related businesses, collateral services being one of these. Through the years our international experts have gained the experience and expertise to offer you the most efficient tools to assess, control or follow up your goods throughout the supply chain.

Control Union is one of the world’s leading inspection companies, providing efficient and innovative solutions across the globe, minimising risk in trade and transaction exposure and preventing problems from happening, whilst improving productivity across collateral services and solutions. 

Working across a wide range of industries and markets, Control Union brings experience and expertise combined with the latest technologies and innovative systems to international customers, not only providing a solution to existing challenges, but avoiding, mitigating and reducing risks to prevent issues before they happen.

Control Union has operated a Collateral Management System (CMS) desk in Rotterdam, The Netherlands since 2012, where it assists and supervises the provision of its collateral services in all major regions around the world. In Latin-America, services are organised and supervised from Control Union offices in Buenos Aires and Brazil. 

With specific knowledge of goods across the globe and a unique approach to its work, Control Union brings expertise to everything it does providing an agile and flexible business model to solve customer's problems, quickly.

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